Marina Puerto Chico, Part of Grand Caribbean Marinas, Secures $1.1 Million Boating Infrastructure Grant to Boost its Transient Marina Project

Jun 04, 2023

The construction of the new docks will significantly bolster the Fajardo community, driving job creation and strengthening tourism

Marina Puerto Chico, in partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, has secured a substantial Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) of $1.137 million. This funding will significantly propel the Fajardo community’s transient marina project.

This grant is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s BIG program, which recently awarded over $20 million for 2023. The BIG initiative facilitates states and territories in developing, refurbishing, and maintaining marinas and other boating infrastructure to boost outdoor recreation.

Marina Puerto Chico, demonstrating unwavering commitment towards the project’s success, has applied for the grant and pledged to contribute an additional $968,582. These funds will ensure the project’s successful execution in all phases.

The construction of the new docks, fueled by rising demand from transient boaters, will significantly bolster the Fajardo community, driving job creation and strengthening tourism. The grant will facilitate the construction of 41 slips, including 19 transient slips, via a floating wave attenuator. Tailoring this marina investment aims to entice both local and out-of-state boaters for short-term stays, thus not conflicting with local marinas catering to long-term tenants.

The transient marina’s proposed features will include 40 to 50 new slips accommodating various boat sizes up to 50 feet and amenities such as a restroom/shower building, sanitary pumpout facilities, an ADA compliant gangway, and a fuel dock. Moreover, the construction of the docks and floating wave attenuator will aid in mitigating the impact from waves and storms.

Marlon Mellado, CEO of Grand Caribbean Marinas, disclosed that the project’s total estimated cost stands at $4.5 million as of January. This transformative project signifies a significant stride in enhancing boating infrastructure and promoting tourism in the Fajardo community.


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